GITAM FinTech Academy


About Us

With technology leading the way for better services, banking, financial institutions and services companies have seen a significant growth in their business, by harnessing the power of technology. FinTech is the buzz word of the day, where technology is used to enhance traditional financial systems, making them much more customer centric and highly secure. Per KPMG the global FinTech and software industry is projected to grow to US$45 billion industry from US$15 billion as of 2015.

This would only be possible if a FinTech ecosystem is developed and nurtured by the industry. This is where GITAM FinTech Academy of GITAM Institute of Management comes in, to contribute to the ecosystem by providing industry ready talented academic students, by offering relevant programs.

Since early 2016, GITAM FinTech Academy has successfully rolled out the FinTech Certification Program and Blockchain Certification program in partnership with Andhra Pradesh Electronic and Information Technology Agency (APEITA), UBS and Broadridge Financial Solutions. These certificate programs going forward will be offered twice in a year. We are also proud to introduce from the academic year 2017-18, a Post-Graduate Diploma (FinTech) program and a Master of Business Administration (FinTech) program.

GITAM FinTech Academy has also entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with APEITA and Broadridge, to setup a Center of Excellence (COE) in Blockchain technology. The aim of this COE is to research and train students in Blockchain technology, which uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the de-facto future standard, where security and hacking is a concern.